Windows app crashes and/or Gobbler icon disappear from taskbar

Deleting the "user.config" file should resole the problem :

- Go into the folder location: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Media_Gobbler,_Inc.
- Check directories inside the folder for a file called "user.config".
- Delete the "user.config" file.
- Restart the Gobbler app. 

If the problem persists after deletion of the "user.config", contact Gobbler's customer support team to report it and receive assistance: Gobbler Customer Support Ticket Submission page.


While waiting for a customer support agent to provide help, you can download your plug-ins installers through your online Gobbler Marketplace "Installers" page:

- Log in to your account here: Gobbler Marketplace Log-in page.

- Click the "View" button on the "My Installers" tile.

- You will land on your "Installers" page with links to the most recent version of your plug-ins' installers.


Thank you.


The Gobbler Team



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