Common issues during the sign-up process

These are the most frequent issues experienced by first-time users at various steps of signing up for the free subscription:

1) You already have a Gobbler account:

If you see an "Email has already be taken" when you click the the "Create Account" button at the start of the sign-up process, there is already a Gobbler account in our user database with the e-mall address you entered.



You options are to create a new Gobbler account with a different e-mail address.


Use the "Login to your existing Gobbler account" button.
(Click the "Forget Password" hyperlink on the Sign-in page if you do not remember your Gobbler account's password)


2) You do not have a SoundCloud Pro Unlimited account: 

If you land on a page informing you that a SoundCloud Pro Unlimited account is required to sign up for the free SoundCloud-Gobbler bundle subscription, you will need to upgrade to a SoundCloud Pro Unlimited account.


Click the "Subscribe to SoundCloud Pro Unlimited!" button to be redirected to the "Subscription Options" page on the SoundCloud platform. 

Once you have upgraded your SoundCloud account to "Pro Unlimited", you will need to restart the free SoundCloud-Gobbler bundle subscription sign-up process.

3) You have already signed up for the SoundCloud/Gobbler bundle subscription:

Only one free SoundCloud-Gobbler bundle subscription is available per one SoundCloud Pro Unlimited account. If you land on a page informing you that the free subscription has already be claimed, you can no longer sign-up for it.



If you believe that these situations do not apply to you because you do not already have a Gobbler account or you do have a SoundCloud Pro Unlimited or that you did not already sign up for the free subscription, please contact Gobbler customer support here: Gobbler Customer Support online form.

Please make sure to provide the email address of the Gobbler account you entered at the start of the sign-up process and the e-mail address of your SoundCloud Pro Unlimited account.


4) Checking the "Agreement" boxes.

You need to check both boxes during the creation of your Gobbler account before continuing the sign-up process.




Users do not need to check the boxes if they already have a Gobbler account and use the "Login to your existing Gobbler account" button to sign up for the free subscription since they already accepted both agreements when creating their existing Gobbler account.

Gobbler abides by the rules of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) laws to protect its users' data. 


The Gobbler team.

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