If Gobbler created your iLok account

If you did not have an iLok account, or if you have one but chose not to link it to your Gobbler account when prompted, Gobbler created one for you during the "SoundCloud-Gobbler" bundle subscription sign-up process.

The e-mail address for this iLok account is the one you used to register your Gobbler account.

This iLok account User ID is also the e-mail address you used to register your Gobbler account.


To set up the password for this iLok account:

Go to the PACE/iLok website: PACE/iLok Homepage

1) Sign in, click "Forgot Your User ID or Password?" and follow the instructions on how to (re)set a password. 



2) Enter your iLok account's User ID it and select "Send to my email"

3) Follow the instructions in the email, and once you set up your password you'll be all set with your iLok account.

You can now use this User ID to sign in at iLok.com and to log in to your iLok License Manager (ILM).


The Gobbler team

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