Who/What is PACE?

PACE is an industry leader in licensing and software protection for Audio plug-ins.
PACE provides computer-based, USB Key and Cloud licensing.


How do I create a (free) iLok account?

If you do not already have one, go to and click the "Create Free Account" button to register an iLok account.
It will also give you access to your account’s information on when you use the "Sign in" button.
An iLok account is also necessary to log in PACE's app: the iLok License Manager


What is the iLok License Manager (ILM)?

The ILM is a desktop application that allows customers to activate and deactivate their licenses, refresh subscription licenses, register new iLok keys, and manage an iLok key’s Theft & Loss Coverage.
You need an iLok account to log-in ILM.


What is an activation location?

Before you can use plug-ins included in your SoundCloud-Gobbler bundle, their licenses have to be activated. 

There are two locations in which licenses can be activated:

On a computer (Machine Activation) or on an iLok USB Key (iLok Key Activation).

Each plug-in publisher determines the location(s) in which their licenses can be activated.

For Machine activation: The computer only needs to be online at least once, at the time of activation.
The computer can then be taken offline.

For iLok Key activation: The iLok key needs to be inserted in a computer online at the time of activation. The iLok key can then be inserted in any computer, online or not.  

Please note: PACE/iLok allows "iLok Cloud" activation for several plug-in publishers but that option is not available for the licenses of the seven plug-ins included in the SoundCloud-Gobbler bundle.  

Can Gobbler create an iLok account for me?

If you do not have an iLok account when you sign up for the SoundCloud-Gobbler free subscription, you can create one yourself (see How do I create a (free) iLok account? paragraph above) or Gobbler can create one for you during when you sign up for the subscription. You will find useful information about your "Gobbler-created" iLok account in this article in our Knowledge Base: If Gobbler created your iLok account


Should I use ILM or the Gobbler app?

The Gobbler app can process the activation of your licenses, acting as ILM, while the ILM app allows a greater management of your PACE/iLok-protected licenses. We suggest installing both apps on your system but the choice is up to you.

If you are using a platform/Operating system system that does not support the Gobbler App, then you will need to install and use ILM.

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