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Who is SoundCloud?
Launched in 2008, SoundCloud is one of the world’s largest music and audio distribution and music sharing platforms. 

It allows its users to discover and enjoy the greatest selection of music from the most diverse creator community on earth and to connect directly with the artists who upload their tracks on the platform.

Music and audio creators use SoundCloud to both share and monetize their content with a worldwide audience.


Who is Gobbler?

Launched in 2012, Gobbler is a leading online Marketplace for subscriptions to audio plug-ins.

The Marketplace allows users to sign-up for monthly or annual subscriptions to bundles of plug-ins from some of the top plug-in manufacturers worldwide. 

What is the “SoundCloud/Gobbler” bundle?

SoundCloud has partnered with Gobbler to offer Soundcloud Pro Unlimited members a free 1-year subscription to the “SoundCloud/Gobbler” bundle, which includes 7 plug-ins from top plug-ins manufacturers.
SoundCloud Pro Unlimited members are also able to sign-up for free "2-week trial" subscriptions to some of the full bundles from the 5 plug-in manufacturers available on the Gobbler Marketplace. 


Which plug-ins are included in the  “SoundCloud/Gobbler” bundle?

Audified's MultiDrive Pedal Pro
Eventide Audio’s Instant Phaser Native and Micro Pitch 
Relab Development’s LX480 Essentials
Solid State Logic’s Native Drumstrip
Xils' PolyKB and PolyM


What if I am a SoundCloud Free, SoundCloud Pro, SoundCloud Go or Go + member?

Only  Soundcloud Pro Unlimited members are eligible for the free 1-year subscription to the “SoundCloud/Gobbler” bundle. You will need to become a SoundCloud Pro Unlimited member before signing up for the free subscription. Here is a link in the to redirect you to the upgrade page on SoundCloud's platform: "Upgrade to Pro Unlimited" sign-up page


Do I need to provide payment information for the 1 year subscription?

The subscription is absolutely free so no payment information is required to sign up for it.

The 2-week trials for some of the full bundles available from the plug-in publishers who participate in the "SoundCloud-Gobbler" bundle are also free. But you will need to provide your payment information (Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal account) when signing-up for any one of those.
You will not be charged for these free trials but having entered payment information when you signed up for them will allow you to go through the purchase process with ease if/when you sign up for a paid subscription later on the Gobbler Marketplace.

You will only be charged if you purchase a subscription.


Does the “SoundCloud/Gobbler” bundle 1-year free subscription renew automatically?

The subscription automatically ends at the end of 1 year and the plug-ins licenses expire at that time.

If you purchase a subscription to any of the full bundles from any of the plug-in publishers available on the Gobbler Marketplace, you can sign up for another free year of the “SoundCloud/Gobbler” bundle.


Who/What are PACE, iLok and ILM? 

See our section on all topics related to PACE, their iLok software protection system, iLok License Manager app, iLok USB key...etc. here:  PACE/iLok section

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