Unable to log in the Mac Gobbler app / (GOBNetworkErrorDomain error 60.)

Older OS X (10.11 and previous) no longer get regular updates from Apple, which includes a USERTrust certificate that ensures secure access to sites and services throughout the internet.

If you encounter this log-in issue, a new SSL certificate needs to be installed on your computer due to its older OS X.

Please follow these instructions:

Quit the Gobbler app.
Click this hyperlink: Comodo SSL Certificate, which should open the Keychain app.
Click "Yes" when asked to trust the certificate.
Launch the Gobbler app.

You might need to reboot your computer if the problem persists when you launch the app.

If after restarting your computer you are still unable to log in the app, please go to "Keychain Access" page, and manually Trust the certificate (see example of the screenshot).


If the problem is still not resolved, submit a customer support ticket here: Customer Support ticket submission form
Attach a screenshot of your "Keychain Access" page to the ticket so that we can further troubleshoot the issue.

Thank you.

The Gobbler Team

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