MacOS X Catalina-ready plug-ins

Eventide, McDSP, Relab Development, Slate Digital and Solid State logic's bundles are MacOS X 10.15-compliant.

You can download the installers for the newest version of the plug-ins through the Gobbler app, off of your Gobbler Marketplace account here: Gobbler Marketplace Log-in page (Click the "View" button on the "My Installers" tile) or directly off of the plug-in publishers' websites if they are not yet available on the Gobbler Marketplace platform:

Eventide Audio Downloads page

McDSP Downloads page

Relab Development Downloads page

Please note: You will need to make sure that your Operating System is now 64-bit compatible before installing any Catalina-compatible plug-in. The newest version of the plug-ins is 64-bit only.
The Gobbler team
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