S-Gear no longer available with Slate Digital subscriptions as of 10/31/19

Slate Digital removed Scuffham's S-Gear from the "All Access Pass" bundle last February.

As of 10/31/19 S-Gear is also no longer available to "Mix/Master Bundle", "Everything Bundle" and "Everything Bundle Pro" subscribers.

Here is the official announcement released by Slate Digital: 

Dear Slate Customer,

At Slate Digital, we pride ourselves on cultivating a “customer first” culture. We try our best to offer the greatest products, services, and support. And when we screw up, it hurts.

At some point, you were an Everything Bundle member who had the S-GEAR guitar amp plugin in your membership. After October 31st, the license for S- GEAR will no longer be active. We strongly suggest that you print and/or freeze your S-GEAR tracks in old projects.

We want to sincerely apologize for letting you down. There is nothing more disheartening for us than disappointing our customers. However, we quickly learned from our mistake.

All third party plugin agreements after the Scuffham Amps/S-GEAR agreement have been structured in a way that ensures that Slate Digital will never lose the right to offer third party plugins in our bundle. Be confident that this will not happen again.

For more information, we invite you to visit our support article here.

Thank you so much. We appreciate your trust in our products.

The Slate Digital Team


The temporary workaround solution we suggest is to download S-Gear's "15-day free trial" demo so you can keep working with your S-Gear tracks during the trial period. 
It is available at the bottom of Scuffham's product page here: Scuffham Amps Product page.

Gobbler's customer support agents are unable to provide any support with regards to this situation so, should you have any questions, please go to the Slate Digital Support page and click "Submit A Support Request" or "Schedule Phone Support" to get in touch directly with one of their customer support agents. 

The Gobbler team

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