iLok Cloud Activation/Deactivation

Several of our plug-in publisher partners' licenses can now be activated on iLok Cloud, in addition to iLok 2 and 3 keys. See the list here: License activation locations by publisher.

If you work on a computer that is online, here is how to proceed to take advantage of iLok Cloud activation: 

1) Sign in to iLok License Manager (ILM):

- The newest version of ILM app is necessary to use iLok Cloud activation. 
You can download the installer for your OS directly off of PACE/iLok's website here: iLok License Manager page 

- Launch ILM and sign in with the User ID and password of the iLok account in which your licenses are deposited.


2) Open a Cloud Session:

- Click “File” on the menu bar and select “Open Cloud Session” from the Drop Down menu. 


A Success page will be displayed to confirm your licenses are now active on iLok Cloud. 
All available iLok Cloud licenses will be activated.




3) Launch your DAW:

- After iLok Cloud activation is confirmed, open your DAW. Your plug-ins will be ready to use.


4) Close a Cloud Session:

- Click “File” on the menu bar and select “Close Cloud Session” from the Drop Down menu.  


A Success page will be displayed to confirm that all your licenses are now deactivated.



You can now activate them again in an iLok 2 or 3 key or in another Could Session on your machine, or on any other machine connected to the internet on which the newest version of ILM is installed. 


Please note:

- Licenses can not be activated in an iLok key and on iLok Cloud at the same time, unless the plug-in publisher allows dual/multiple activations for their licenses 

- If only one activation is allowed and your licenses are activated in an iLok key, they will need to be deactivated before they can be activated in iLok Cloud session.

- Conversely, if your licenses are active in an iLok Cloud session, the session will need to be closed before they can be activated in an iLok key. 

- Opening an iLok Cloud session will close a session if one was already open on a different machine.

- Licenses with dual/multiple activations can be activated on an iLok key and on the iLok Cloud at the same time. 


The Gobbler Team

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