Plug-ins installers on publishers' websites

If you are unable to download your plug-ins' installers through the Gobbler app or the Gobbler Marketplace website,  you can download them directly off of the plug-ins publishers' own websites:


Audified: Audified Downloads page

Empirical Labs: Empirical Labs Downloads page

Eventide AudioEventide Audio Downloads page

Kush AudioKush Audio Downloads page

Le SoundLe Sound Downloads page

McDSP: McDSP Downloads page

Mathew Lane: DrMS Download pageStereoDelta Download page / TiCo page

NugenNugen Audio Registration / log-in page

Relab DevelopmentRelab Development Downloads page

Slate DigitalSlate Digital Installers page

Softube: Softube's Mac Installers Download page and Softube Windows Installers Download page.

Solid State LogicSolid State Logic Downloads page

Synchro ArtsSynchro Arts Download page

XILS LabXils lab Main Download page


The Gobbler team

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