Solid State Logic "Native v6 Complete Bundle" subscription options

Here is a link to Solid State Logic's Native v6 Complete Bundle Introduction video and one announcing the addition of Flex Verb to the bundle. 

Click here to learn about Solid State Logic, the 10 plug-ins included in the "Native v6 Complete Bundle" and click the "Get the SSL Native v6 Complete Bundle" button to start the sign up process to a subscription.

Solid State Logic offers three options to sign up for their " Native V6.1 Complete Bundle" subscription:



1) Month-to-Month plan. $24.99/month. You can stop and restart your subscription (1 month-at-a-time) at any time.


2) Annual Billed Monthly. You commit to 12 consecutive monthly installments of $14.99 for a 1 year subscription. This plan can NOT be paused until the 12th consecutive payment has been made.  

This plan requires, before you can finalize the purchase, that you agree to the terms of the subscription, which is to make 12 consecutive payments, without the possibility of pausing your subscription before the 12 months are paid.

If you miss a monthly payment, please read this article about: Breach of Contract of an Annual Billed Monthly subscription

This plan requires you to sync your iLok key to PACE servers once a month to extend the licenses' expiration date. See this article for more information about: Monthly re-authorization of your licenses.

If you are unsure about the 12-month commitment you should consider: 

- Downloading the demo for the plug-ins here: Solid State Logic Demo Download page.


- Sign up for a Month-to-Month plan. You can cancel it at any time and switch to an Annual Billed Monthly or Annual Paid Upfront plan. 


3) Annual Paid Upfront. You pay the full $149.99 at purchase time for a 1 year subscription.

This plan does not require you to sync your iLok key to PACE servers once a month to extend the licenses' expiration date. Your licenses remain active for the entire year. They will need to be reauthorized every time you renew your subscription for another year.


As a limited time promotional offer, you can add a free iLok 3 key to your order if you do not already own an iLok 2 or 3 key. You will only need to pay a shipping fee: $5.00 Domestic / $12.00 International. 

Please Note: Unfortunately, we no longer ship iLok keys to India, South Africa, Chile and Dubai, due to a very high number of "Lost In Transit" packages and local customs issues. If you are a resident of one of these countries, you will need to purchase an iLok key locally or online.


The Gobbler team


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