McDSP licenses activation workaround for iLok Key and iLok Cloud


If you are experiencing issues activating your McDSP licenses, on an unregistered iLok Key 2 or 3 or on the new iLok Cloud, please follow these instructions:

  • Close your DAW.
  • Uninstall PACE/iLok’s ILM 
  • Uninstall the Gobbler app.
  • Reboot your machine.
  • (Re)Install  the most up-to-date version of ILM (currently 4.1.2). The installer can be found here: iLok License Manager page.
  • Reinstall the Gobbler app.
  • Reboot your machine.
  • Launch ILM.
  • Right-click on the McDSP licenses in the Right pane and "Activate" the licenses.
  • Follow the instructions to activate the licenses in the location of your choice.

Please note:

If your McDSP licenses were automatically activated in iLok Cloud without your prompt but you wanted to activate them on an iLok 2 or 3 key, please follow these steps:

  • Insert your iLok key in your computer.
  • Open ILM (most up to date version) and right click on the "Cloud" location displayed on the Left pane. Close your Cloud session.


You can also close the Cloud session through "File" on the menu bar:


  • Right-click on the McDSP licenses in the right pane. "Deactivate" the licenses.
  • Right-click on the McDSP licenses again. "Activate" the licenses.
  • Choose your iLok key as the activation location.


The Gobbler team

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