Slate Digital Everything Bundle FAQ

Everything you need to know about about the Slate Digital Everything Bundle.


What do I get with my subscription to the Everything Bundle?

The "Everything Bundle" released on 09/29/16 features the full set of currently-available Slate Digital plugins, and Scuffham's S-Gear, a state of the art software guitar amp.

The Relab LX480 reverb plugin is only available to customers who purchased their "Everything Bundle" prior to 09/29/16. 


What type of plans are currently available?

Slate Digital offers 3 options for their Everything Bundle:

- Annual Paid Monthly. You commit to 12 consecutive monthly installments of $14.99 for a 1 year subscription. This plan can NOT be paused until the 12th consecutive payment has been made.  

- Annual Paid Upfront. You pay the full $179.88 at purchase time for a 1 year subscription.

- Month-to-Month plan. $24.99/month. You can stop and restart your subscription (1 month-at-a-time) at any time.


What about new plug-ins or updates to existing plug-ins?

The "Everything Bundle" includes all Slate Digital plugins, present and future - including updates, new versions, and brand new plugins. As long as your subscription is active,  you’ll get all new plugins, plus updates to existing plugins, at no additional cost.  


Does my subscription auto-renew?

Yes, all subscriptions are set to automatically renew every month (or year) so that you do not have to worry about making payments or re-activating the subscription.  If you do not want the subscription to renew, you just need to pause it at any time before the last day of your billing cycle. 

Please note: Refunds for customers who forget to pause their susbcription before it auto-renews are at the sole discretion of Slate Digital. 


Tell me about the free iLok 3 offer?

For new customers, who do not already have an iLok 2 or 3 key, Slate Digital offers a free iLok 3 with any subscription. There is a 2-month minimum requirement. You will be asked to return, at your own cost, your iLok 3 key if you cancel your subscription, Annual or Monthly, within the first 2 months of its start.

You will provide your shipping details during the purchase process and a shipping fee, $5.00 for Domestic and $12.00 for International, will be added to your invoice.


Will I be credited for the time between my purchase and the arrival of my iLok 3?

You will not be issued a credit for the time between your purchase of the subscription and the arrival of your iLok 3. That's because your subscription, and billing cycle, will start on the day you activate it, which automatically deposits the licenses in your iLok account, not on the purchase date.

You should wait until your iLok 3 key arrives before activating your susbcription to deposit the licenses in your iLok account. 

For example: You purchase your subscription on January 1st. You receive the iLok 2 key on January 15th. That is when you should deposit your licenses in your iLok account and activate them on that iLok 2. Your subscription's start date is January 15th and will renew every 15th of the month. 

Please note: If you do not deposit the licenses in your iLok account within 30 days of your subscription purchase date, they will be automatically deposited.


What happens to my perpetual licenses if I sign up for a subscription?

Nothing! Your perpetual licenses will stay just as they are.


My main music computer is offline. Can I still use the subscription bundles?

Yes! Follow these simple instructions to set up your subscription offline.

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