Relab's Licenses Are Now Machine-Activated

Most Relab Development ApS licenses are no longer limited to iLok-only activation. They can also be activated on computers.

This includes most licenses for the "Relab Reverb Suite" bundle subscription available through the Gobbler Marketplace.

 Please note: RHall does not currently support machine-activation and still requires an iLok key. 

Relab Development is working on a new version that will be machine-activated. In the meantime, they advise users to ignore the activation screen, or uninstall RHall, until the update is released. 

The Complete version of LX480 is the "parent version" of RHall, which means that the RHall algorithms are included in that version. 

The new Goldplate plug-in, which is a Kush Audio plug-in, also requires iLok key activation. Relab Development has made no announcement that this plug-in would be machine-activated.


The Gobbler Team

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