Softube releases Version 2.4.50 of its plug-ins

Softube updated its entire line-up of plug-ins to Build 2.4.50 on 03/22/18.

It takes up to 36 hours to "push" the new installers to the tens of thousands of Softube plug-ins users who use the Gobbler app.

If the new installers are not listed in the "installers/Library" page, wait a few hours and try again.  It is recommended  to quit the app and launch it again, up to two times, to refresh the "installers/Library" page.

If the updated installers are still not listed and you do not want to wait until they are available through the app, you can download them through your Gobbler Marketplace account Installers page or Softube's "My Downloads" page

Please note: The Plug-In Manual has not been updated. Version 2.4.48 is the most current version.

Thank you.

The Gobbler team

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