Statements with VAT available

In response to our European customers' requests, we now provide the option to add company and VAT information to all Gobbler Marketplace accounts. That information will be displayed on the statements available in users' Gobbler Marketplace account. A "Print" button has also been added to the Statements page.

To enter your company and VAT information:

1) Log in to your Gobbler Marketplace account here.

2) Click the "View" button on the "My Payment Profile" tile.



3) Click the link to enter (or update) your VAT information Mktplace_Account_Pmt_Method_VAT_Link.png


4) Enter your company name, company mailing address, VAT number and click the Create (or Update) VAT Info button.Mktplace_Account_Pmt_Method_VAT_Create_Info.png

5) On the next page, confirm that the information you entered is accurate or use the "Edit" link to correct it.



6) The information you entered in your profile will now be seen on your Statement page. 



7) To access your Statement page:

- Choose "Order History" in the Main Menu in the upper right corner. 


8) Click the [Statement] link for the subscription(s) for which you need a statement 



Thank you.

 The Gobbler team


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