Eventide's FISSION becomes PHYSION

In response to a formal request, Eventide decided it to rename one of its plug-in.

Fission is now Physion.

Updating Fission to Physion is simple.

To do so, simply:

1) Open the Gobbler client
2) On Mac, click the Marketplace tab. On Windows, click Show Library
3) Find Physion in the Ensemble Bundle, and install it

Additionally, if you have chosen to manage your licenses directly through iLok License Manager, you’ll want to follow these steps:

  1) Launch iLok License Manager
  2) Go to Preferences > Licenses and select Remove Account Data Saved On Computer
  3) Close and reopen iLok License Manager
  4) Sign in to your iLok account

Here is an article about this topic on Eventide's website: FISSION splits, say hello PHYSION.

The Gobbler team

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