Redepositing your licenses

Gobbler does not have the authority to redeposit licenses.

You will need to contact the plug-ins publisher's customer support team for their authorization if you want your bundle's licenses redeposited. 

Some plug-ins publishers have the ability to process the redeposit themselves. Others will contact us and request that we process the redeposit on their behalf. Gobbler will not process a redeposit unless they have received written authorization to do so from the plug-in publisher.


Redepositing your licenses in the same iLok account.

The only instance when your licenses will be redeposited into the same ilok account where they were originally deposited in is in case of a broken, lost or stolen iLok key.

Before the licenses can be redeposited, you will have to contact iLok/PACE and submit an RMA. You can start the process here (bottom right tile)

You will need to provide your RMA number when you contact the plug-in publisher's Customer Support team, to request the redeposit.


Redepositing your licenses into a different iLok account

If you want your licenses transferred to an iLok account different from the account they were deposited in at the time of purchase: Please follow the instructions in this article about unlinking and (re)linking iLok accounts to your Gobbler account.

When the correct iLok account is linked to your Gobbler account, contact the plug-in publisher's Customer Support team to request the redeposit. 

Please note: Depending on the circumstances, the plug-in publisher might require you to pay a fee for redepositing your licenses. The fee would be charged to the method of payment in your Gobbler Marketplace account. Please consult the plug-in publisher's customer support team for additional information.


The Gobbler Team


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