Reactivate a Paused/Canceled subscription

To reactivate a paused subscription, follow these steps:

1) Log in to your Gobbler Marketplace account here.

2) Click the "View" button on the "My Orders" tile to get to the Order Management page.


3) Click the "Reactivate" button of the subscription(s) you want active again. 


You will be charged the renewal fee and the expired licenses in your iLok account will be immediately reactivated. 

Please Note: If you set up your "Annual Billed Monthly" subscription to pause at the end of the 12th month (by unchecking the "Auto Renewal" box in the Order Management page) but changed your mind before it has terminated and want it  to renew for another year, (re)check the "Auto Renewal" box in the Order Management page.



Please Note: If your subscription was paused due to a non-payment issue, or if the credit card in your payment profile has expired, click the "Change Payment Details" link and provide a valid and active payment information before reactivating the subscription.


The Gobbler Team

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