Purchase Process

Click here for a list of current plugins publishers associated with Gobbler's Marketplace.

- Click a publisher's logo, at the bottom of the page, to see the various bundles it offers.



- Choose the subscription you want to purchase (i.e. Monthly, Annual, Annual Paid Monthly if available).
- You will be asked to set up a Gobbler account if you do not already have one.
- You will be asked to provide an iLok account User ID. If you do not have one, Gobbler will create one for or you. Click here for detailed information on the iLok account Gobbler will create for you

Follow a few simple steps to complete your purchase.  

In most cases, the licenses will be deposited in your iLok account very shortly after you press the "Purchase" button on the Order Review page to complete your order.

You will be able to authorize/activate them in an iLok key, a machine or iLok Cloud (if the publisher of the bundle you signed up for allows iLok Cloud activation) , and use your plugins, immediately. 

Please note: If you added a free iLok 3 key from one of the publishers who offer them with some of their subscriptions, to your order, the licenses will not be deposited in your iLok account at the time of purchase.  You will deposit them in your iLok account yourself, by activating your subscription, when you have the iLok 3 key in hand.

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