Activating your subscription if you ordered a free iLok key

You should not activate your susbcription until you have received your iLok key.

Once you receive it, it is time to activate your susbcription. This will trigger the deposit of your licenses in the iLok account you linked to your Gobbler account at the time of purchase (or in the iLok account that Gobbler created for you if you did not enter an existing iLok account's User ID at the time of purchase).

You will then be able to authorize the licenses in your iLok key so you can use your plugins.

Please note: Your subscription's billing cycle starts on the day you activate your subscription and licenses are deposited in your iLok account. 
For example, if you purchase your subscription on 01/01 and activate in on 01/20, your billing cycle will start on that date. Your payment on 01/01 will cover the period 01/20 to 02/20. Your renewal date will be the 20th of the month and your next payment will be 02/20. You are not charged for the wait-time while your iLok key is in transit.


Before you proceed:

Make sure your iLok key is plugged in a computer connected to the internet if you are going to activate your licenses right after you activate your subscription.


When you are ready to proceed: 

1) Go to your Gobbler Marketplace account and click the "View" button on the "My Order" tile to access your Order Management page.



2) In the Order Management page, click the "Activate" button start your subscription and deposit the licenses in the iLok account linked to your Gobbler account at the time of purchase


3) Once the licenses are deposited in the iLok account, you are ready to authorize/activate them. 



Please note:

1) If you do not activate your subscription within 30 days of your purchase date: Your subscription will be automatically activated, the licenses will be deposited in your iLok account and your billing cycle will start on the 30th day after the purchase date. 

2) If you had an existing iLok account not linked to your Gobbler account at the time of purchase or created one after you purchased the susbcription and want the licenses deposited in it, you will need to link that iLok account to your Gobbler account. Then contact Slate Digital's Customer Support team here to request that they redeposit the licenses in your existing iLok account after you activate them. There will be a fee, up to $25.00, to redeposit the licenses.

You can find the instructions on how to unlink/link an iLok account to your Gobbler account here.

3) Because plug-ins are displayed in the Gobbler app "Installers" page based on the licenses you have in the iLok account that is linked to your Gobbler account, the plug-ins for your Everything Bundle will not show in the app. until you activate your subscription.


Thank you

The Gobbler team.



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