Monthly re-authorization of your licenses

If you purchased a Month-to-Month or Annual Billed Monthly subscription, your licenses need to be (re)authorized monthly by PACE/iLok to extend their expiration date for another month. 

For the monthly re-synchronization to happen, the computer or the iLok key (or both, in case of licenses that can be activated in two locations concurrently), in which your licenses are activated needs to be connected to the internet to sync with PACE/iLok's servers.

You also need to have either the Gobbler app or ILM (iLok License Manager) installed on that computer.

Neither app needs to be running. Only installed.

The re-synchronization will take place on the renewal date of your subscription, after the renewal payment has gone through. The licenses' expiration date will be updated to the end of the billing cycle. (i.e. if your renewal date is the 15th of the month and payment goes through that day, your licenses' expiration date will be pushed to the 15th of the following month)

Grace Period

If your payment fails on renewal date, your subscription will enter a 7-day "Grace Period" during which your licenses will remain activated. Once payment is confirmed at any time during the "Grace Period", the licenses' expiration date will be updated to the end of the billing cycle. (i.e. if your renewal date is the 15th of the month and payment goes through anytime between the 16th and the 22nd, your licenses' expiration date will be pushed to the 15th of the following month)

Paused subscription and new billing cycle

If your payment fails during the "Grace Period", on the 7th day your subscription will pause for non-payment and your licenses will be deactivated. Your subscription will need to be reactivated, which will reanimate your licenses, if you want to use the plug-ins again. A new billing cycle will start on the day you reactivate your susbcription. See this article on Reactivating a subscription.


Manual synchronization

If you are unable to connect your computer and/or iLok key and to the internet on renewal date (or later) your licenses' expiration date will not be updated and your plug-ins will stop working. They will only work again after you have connected your iLok key to the internet so it can synchronize with PACE/iLok's servers and update the licenses' expiration date. If the synchronization doesn't happen automatically, you might need to synchronize your computer and/or iLok key "manually" through your iLok License Manager.


Right-click on your computer and/or iLok icon in the left pane and choose "Synchronize".

After synchronization is complete, launch your DAW and open your plug-ins.


Please note: Your subscription needs to be active for the manual re-synchronization to be successful.  If your subscription is paused, you'll need to reactivate it first. You can pause it again after your licenses have synchronized with PACE's servers.

Important: We reserve the right to terminate a Gobbler Marketplace account if a customer's susbcription frequently pauses, due to non-payment, at the end of the Grace Period and customer frequently reactivates their subscription to start a new billing cycle.


The Gobbler Team


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