Gobbler does not use activation codes to activate/authorize licenses

If you are new to the Gobbler system, the activation process will be different than you may be used to. You do not need an activation code to authorize licenses acquired through our subscriptions, because your licenses are located in your PACE iLok account.

If you are prompted for one, it is very likely that the licenses you are trying to activate are deposited in an iLok account different than the one your iLok key is registered to.

This most likely happened because the licenses are deposited in the iLok account Gobbler created for you during the sign-up/purchase process, because you did not provide one at the time, instead of in your pre-existing iLok account.

Please see this article to remedy the issue.

Are My Licenses in A Provisional Or My Existing ILok Account?


The Gobbler Team

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