I do not have an iLok Account

The licenses of your Gobbler Marketplace subscription(s) need to be deposited in an iLok account to allow their activation process.

If you do not have an iLok account, you have two options:

 1) You can create your own, free, iLok account on PACE/iLok's website here:   PACE/iLok's Account Registration page.

If you decide to create your own iLok account, please do so before starting the purchase process. Once you have created your iLok account, enter its User ID when prompted during the purchase process. This will automatically link that iLok account to your Gobbler Marketplace account and allow Gobbler to deposit your license(s) there shortly after you complete your purchase.


2) Gobbler will create one for you during the purchase process, after you provide your e-mail address and set up your account's password.




The iLok Account's e-mail address and User ID will be the e-mail address you used to create your Gobbler Marketplace account.


You will need to finalize your iLok account registration by setting up a password for it, following these steps:

- Go to the recovery page on iLok.com, and select to recover your password. 

- Enter your iLok account's User ID it and select "Send to my email"

- Follow the instructions in the email, and you'll be all set with an iLok account and iLok account User ID.

You can now use this User ID to sign in at iLok.com and to log in to your iLok License Manager (ILM).


PLEASE NOTE: While you do need an iLok account to deposit your license(s), this is not the same as requiring a physical iLok USB key to activate your licenses.

Each plug-in publisher has their own requirements. Some offer machine-activation. Some require iLok Key activation. Others allow both. Some offer iLok Cloud activation. Consult our Activation locations list to find out if you will need an iLok key to activate your licenses.

Thank you


The Gobbler Team

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