Are my licenses in a Provisional Or my Existing ILok Account?

1) If you do not have an iLok account or do not provide an existing iLok account User ID during the purchase process, Gobbler will create an iLok account for all customers who request a free iLok 2 key with their order. This iLok account will be automatically linked to your Gobbler account. The e-mail address for this iLok account is the one you used to register your Gobbler Marketplace account. This iLok account's User ID is also the e-mail address you used to create your Gobbler Marketplace account.

You will need to go to iLok License Manager, sign in and click "Forgot Your User ID or Password" to set up a password for your Gobbler-created iLok account.

The Slate Digital licenses will be deposited in the Gobbler-created iLok account at the time of purchase or when you activate your subscription if you added a free iLok 3 key to your order if you were eligible for the offer.


2) If you have an existing iLok account in which you expected the licenses to be deposited, but did not provide that iLok account User ID during the purchase process:

You will need to to unlink the provisional iLok account created by Gobbler from your Gobbler Account and link your existing iLok account instead. Here is how to proceed: Linking/Unlinking an iLok User ID to a Gobbler Account

Once the unlinking/relinking is done, you will need to contact your subscription's plug-in publisher. Only they have the authority to re-deposit the licenses in the correct iLok account. There will be a fee, up to $25.00, to redeposit the licenses. 

Thank you.

The Gobbler Team

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    what an absolute asinine way to do this. this is the reason i have stayed away from slate plugins. you have an ilock account, you fill it in after you have received the payment. you dont fill it in with an email address before hand and the go oh sorry you have to wait for someone to look at it. stupid

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    Agreed. I was getting subscription expiration warning saying to refresh after the 24th which meant I had to hit okay for each module when loading VMR. Now that it is the 25th, Gobbler says my licenses were deposited but ilok says there are no activations pending. Did I mention a client is looking over my shoulder waiting to hear a final mix that I used slate almost exclusively on??

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    This is a rip off. I'm still waiting for my license deposit into my i Lok account 2 days and counting after my purchase. This the LAST SLATE PRODUCT I WILL EVER BUY.

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    I need to speak with someone. I can't use the plug in, i need the activation code. is there a customers service by phone? Thanks

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