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How does the Marketplace experience differ for OS X and Windows users?

Placing order is the same for OS X and Windows users, but the Gobbler Client is different for each. You can find more information on both versions of the Gobbler application here.

If my computer is isolated from the web, how do I manage installations and activations?

You will need to download the installers for your plug-ins onto a USB key and upload them into your machine that is not connected to the internet.

You will need to activate your licenses in an iLok 2 or 3 key. To proceed with the activation, the iLok key will have to be inserted into a computer connected to the Internet . After your licenses are activated into the iLok key, insert it in the unconnected computer.

Please note: If you have monthly subscription, read this article about Monthly re-authorization of your licenses


How do I get the activation code for my licenses?

There is no need for an activation code for licenses acquired through a subscription and deposited in your iLok account by Gobbler. Consequently, you will not receive any activation code, from Gobbler or from the plug-in publisher. Follow the instructions in this article on Authorizing / Activating your licenses.

 If you are asked for an activation code, during the licenses activation process through the Gobbler app or your ILM, the most likely cause is that you are trying to activate your licenses in an iLok key that is not registered to the iLok account in which your licenses were deposited by Gobbler.


How will I know if there’s an update available for my plugins or new plug-ins added to a bundle? How do I get these updates?

Any upgrades or updates to your plugins will appear in the Gobbler app. You’ll see a notification, and will have the option to download/install the update(s) from within the app. The Gobbler app will never automatically install an update.


I can't find my plugins in my DAW.

Please double-check that you've installed your plugins correctly. If you've had any issues during installation, please get in touch with the plug-ins publisher. You'll also want to double-check that your licenses are deposited in the correct iLok account - and activated in the correct iLok dongle, registered to that same account, if applicable.

If you still can't see your plugins in your DAW, then try rescanning plugins from within your DAW - this varies by DAW, so see your DAW's manual/knowledge base for how to do this.

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