Unlinking / (re) Linking an iLok Account to a Gobbler Account

If you have a pre-existing iLok account, you will be asked to link it to your Gobbler account during  the purchase process. If you do not provide an iLok account, Gobbler will create one for you so that the licenses can be deposited after completion of the purchase.  

Should you wish to change the iLok account linked to your Gobbler account, you will need to:

1) Log in to your Gobbler account here.

2) Click the "My Profile" option in the My Account in the drop down menu at the top right on the screen.




3) In your profile page, scroll down until you see "iLok Account Settings". Click (unlink this account) to unlink the current iLok account. 


4) You will be taken to PACE/iLoks's website for an External Authentication step, to confirm that you are the owner of the iLok account you are linking to your Gobbler account. 

5) Enter your iLok account User ID and password. Click "Authorize" to authenticate.

Refresh your My Profile page and verify the iLok account User ID that is displayed to confirm that the correct iLok account is linked to your Gobbler account. 

Once you have confirmation that the Unlinking/Linking is complete, you can reach out to the plug-in publisher of the licenses you want redeposited. They will redeposit them in the correct iLok account now linked to your Gobbler account.

There will be a fee, up to $25.00, for redepositing the licenses. It will be charged by the plug-in publisher to your Credit Card or PayPal account after they obtain your authorization in writing in the Customer Support ticket you will submit to them .


The Gobbler team

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