Activate Your Licenses with iLok License Manager

Activate  Your Licenses with iLok License Manager (ILM)

After you have purchased your subscription, you should activate your plug-ins licenses using the Gobbler 2.0 app. It is the easiest workflow.

If you need to (or would prefer to) use your iLok License Manager, however, here’s what you have to do.

Note: if you are running a version of OS X older than 10.9 or older than Win 7 SP1, you will need to authorize your plugins with ILM.


- Download the iLok License Manager here.
- Once the iLok License Manager is installed, open the application and log into your iLok account.

- Once you’ve signed in, the iLok License Manager will display all of the licenses tied to your account. To activate a license, simply right click and select activate. You will then be prompted for an activation location -- this can either be your computer, or your iLok dongle. Some plug-in publishers allow machine or iLok key activation-only. Others, both.

Once you’ve activated and selected a location, the iLok License Manager will ask you to confirm your activation, after which you will receive a confirmation of successful activation. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to head over to your DAW of choice and use your plugins.

Thank you.
The Gobbler Team


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