PACE / iLok and the Gobbler Marketplace FAQ

PACE's partnership with Gobbler is an essential component of the Marketplace platform and allows the Subscription-based model to exist for plug-ins.

You can read all about PACE's role in the management of plug-ins licenses here: PACE / iLok home

You will need an iLok account to use any of the plug-ins included in your subscription's bundle.  


What if I already have an iLok account?

If you have a pre-existing iLok account, you’ll be asked to link it to your Gobbler account during the purchase process. See this article for more information.


What if I don’t have an iLok Account?

If you don’t have an iLok account, you can create one yourself, before starting the purchase process, starting here: Pace/iLok homepage.  Click the "Create Free Account" button at the top of the page.

Or Gobbler can create one automatically for you during the purchase process. Gobbler will use the e-mail address you used to create your Gobbler account as your iLok account's e-mail address and User ID. Gobbler will not create a password for your iLok account. 

To access your iLok account and set up your password, follow the instructions in this article on how to: Finalize your Gobbler-created iLok account.


What if I don’t have an iLok key when I make my purchase?

First, check with the plugins manufacturer if their licenses are Machine and/or iLok Key and/or iLok Cloud activated. We have made a list of activation location(s) for each one of our plug-in publisher partners here

If the license(s) can only be activated in an iLok-key and you don’t have an iLok key, we recommend that you do not purchase your subscription until you have one in hand.

You will not receive any credit for the time you wait for your iLok key to arrive if you purchased a subscription but didn't have one. 

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