Gobbler does not have the authority to issue refunds.

Refunds are at the sole discretion of the plugin publishers and are not guaranteed.

Refunds are issued in case of exceptional circumstances.

Refunds of a renewal payment for a subscription that was not paused before the end of its billing cycle will not be issued.
We recommend you make note of the date and time you purchased your subscription so you are aware of its renewal date and time.

Refunds in case of "Money Back Guarantee" promotions will be issued only if the subscription is paused and request for a refund sent to the plug-ins publisher's Customer Support Team within the deadline of the promotion. Make sure to note the exact date and time you purchased your subscription to ensure you pause it before the deadline.

To inquire about a refund, please contact the plug-ins publisher's Customer Support Team, and include the following in your e-mail:

  • Your name
  • Your order number
  • Your reason for requesting a refund


Thank you

The  Gobbler Team

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