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Gobbler Marketplace FAQ

Why do I need a Gobbler Account to get plug-ins with the Marketplace?

Subscriptions' plugins work differently than perpetual plugins because their licenses renew periodically. As a result, an account must be associated with the licenses. Gobbler’s Marketplace serves as the authorizing agent for your subscriptions.  Your Gobbler account is critical in making sure you have an uninterrupted experience.  

Learn more about installing the Gobbler 2.0 app, installing your plugins, authorizing your licenses using the Gobbler app or PACE's ILM, going through the OS X and Windows workflows in the Getting Started With Your Subscription section of our Knowledge Base.


How do I sign up for a Marketplace Subscription?

Check the always-growing list of plugins publishers partnered with Gobbler here and follow the instructions in the Purchasing a subscription section of our Knowledge Base.  


How do subscriptions renew?

All subscriptions available on the Gobbler Marketplace, wether Monthly or Annual, renew automatically. If you do not want your subscription to renew, you need to pause it in your Order Management page. Here is an article that explains how to  Cancel/Pause a subscription.


How do I upgrade from a Monthly to a Yearly Subscription?

There is no "one-click-of-a-button" solution to upgrade your plan at this time. We are working on a feature that will allow subscribers to switch between plans faster.

The only option is for you to pause your current subscription, through the Order Management page in your Gobbler Marketplace account.
Then go through the purchase process again, starting here


What is your privacy policy?

Please see the Gobbler Terms of Service agreement.

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