Downloading Files from a Workspace

To download a session or file from a Workspace, you'll want to first open that Workspace in the Gobbler 2.0 web app, then navigate to the "Assets" tab. It will look like this:



Select the session or file that you want to download from the leftmost "Name" column, and you'll see the right-side columns populated by a list of all the available versions of the asset



To download an asset via the Gobbler 2.0 desktop app, select the left arrow under the "Actions" column. To download an asset via the browser, select the right arrow. Important: if you want to automatically have the asset sync new versions from your computer, download it via the Gobbler 2.0 desktop app. Otherwise, you'll need to manually re-sync it.

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    Came here because I couldn't download files from collaborators. Turns out the problem is that there is no such thing as an action column in the web-based app. Why would you write a help article about a feature that you don't offer? Why does anybody pay for your service if you don't actually provide the service people are paying for?

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    mmmh my Page is empty. i see on the left side the Name and Type of the File but nothing on the right side

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