Before you Upload - Making a Workspace

Since Gobbler 2.0 does not rely on an actual folder on your computer for syncing, we've implemented a virtual system for organizing your sessions and files. These virtual folders are called "Workspaces". Using Workspaces, you can also share projects and collections of assets with collaborators, and sync all saved versions of a project or file.


Creating a Workspace

The easiest way to create a Workspace is from the Gobbler Desktop app. Navigate to the central tab in the app (with the cloud icon), and you'll see a menu bar in the center below with a list of your existing Workspaces, and the option to create a new one. 


Once you've created a Workspace, simply drag and drop whichever sessions or other files you'd like to sync to the Workspace into the Gobbler app, and select "Publish". 


Managing your Workspace

In the Gobbler 2.0 Web App, you can access and manage your Workspaces. Within a Workspace, you can chat with collaborators, see all assets (including any past synced versions of assets), and download assets.



For more information on working with collaborators in a Workspace, see Working with Collaborators.


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