Who is PACE and what is the iLok?

PACE is an industry leader in licensing and copy protection for plug-ins. We’ve partnered with PACE to support flexible subscription licensing that travels with you for Gobbler Marketplace purchases.

PACE offers both machine-based licensing and iLok key-based (iLok 2 or iLok 3) licensing.


If you’ve used PACE-licensed products in the past, you likely already have an iLok account. If so, you will link it to your Gobbler account during the purchase process. Your Marketplace licenses will be added to your existing iLok account immediately after your complete the purchase. 

Please note: if you purchase a subscription from a vendor that offers a free iLok key and you add the iLok key to your order, the licenses will be deposited in your iLok account when you activate your subscription. You should not activate your susbcription until you have received the iLok key.

If you do not yet have an iLok account, we will create one for you automatically when you purchase your first Marketplace subscription. You will find information about your "Gobbler-created" iLok account in this article in our Knowledge Base: Your "Gobbler-created" iLok account


Licensing - Gobbler App & ILM

Note that Marketplace's susbcription(s) license activation is done through the Gobbler App. You do not need to use the iLok License Manager (ILM) to authorize your subscriptions.

If you are using a platform/Operating system system that does not support the Gobbler App, then you will need to use the ILM. You can read all bout it and download the app right here 

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