Versioning with Gobbler 2.0

Think of Gobbler's syncing as "non-destructive": after you sync a session (or any other file) to Gobbler 2.0, Gobbler will automatically create a new version in the cloud for every time you save the session. This happens automatically when you save the session - there's no need to re-sync as long as the session retains the following:

  • The same location on your computer
  • The same name

If either of these factors change, you will need to re-sync the session to Gobbler. While you may be used to saving multiple named versions of a session (e.g. with "v1", "v2", etc. on the end), there's no need to do this with Gobbler, as it happens automatically.

Since Gobbler is saving these different versions to the cloud, you also don't need to worry about filling your hard drive with versions. You'll also find that subsequent version syncs happen very quickly - this is because Gobbler only syncs what is changed between saves. If, for example, you've synced a 4 GB session and you just change some fader rides, Gobbler knows not to re-sync the massive amounts of audio data.


Downloading Newer/Older Versions

To see the versions of a session or file available, navigate to the "Assets" tab in a Workspace in the Gobbler 2.0 web app. It will look like this:


For each available version of an asset, you'll see which collaborator synced it, when it was synced, the size, and the option to download it (either via Gobbler or via the browser).

Using these options, you can revert to older versions of a session, download a newer version modified by a collaborator, or even download a version that you've modified yourself in another location. 

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