Sending & Receiving Files

You can send any file that you’ve uploaded to a Gobbler 2.0 Workspace directly to a collaborator - whether or not s/he is also using Gobbler. To send a file, first locate the asset that you’re looking for in the timeline in the Gobbler Web App, and click the gears icon that appears in the upper-right corner:


Select “Share” and you’ll see this box:

Enter the email address or addresses of your collaborators, add some notes, and hit “Send Direct Link”. And you’re done! Note that your collaborators (the recipients) do not have to have a Gobbler account to receive the files - see the next section for more on this.

Receiving a File via Gobbler

If you’ve been sent a file via Gobbler, then you’ll receive an email with a link to download your file, which will look like this:

Click that link and you’ll download the file via the browser.


Learn more about setting up a Gobbler account


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    Some way to know who downloaded a sent file and when would be extremely helpful. Like in V1.

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