Slate Digital’s new FG-Stress

Slate Digital released the FG-Stress module, on 09/25/17, as part of their Virtual Mix Rack.

To set up the FG-Stress on your machine, you will need to download the entire Virtual Mix Rack installer.

If VMR is not listed in the Updates section of the Installers page in the Gobbler app, quit the app and re-open it, to refresh that page.

If VMR is still not listed after the refresh, you can download the installer through your Gobbler Marketplace account’s Installers page: 

Log in to your Gobbler Marketplace account here: Gobbler Marketplace account login.  In the "Welcome" page, click the "View" button on the "My Installers" tile.



If you are still unable to download the installer through your Gobbler Marketplace’s account, here is is a link to Slate Digital's Installers page.


Thank you.

The Gobbler team.

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