USB Referral Program

Monthly subscribers (aka referrers) can earn credit by referring their friends to the Ultimate Studio Bundle.

Any customer who buys a monthly USB subscription through a referrer will receive a 25% discount on their first month. The discount will be processed at checkout. 

For each friend (aka referee) who purchases a Monthly USB subscription, a $5.00 credit will be added to the referrer's account. Credit gets automatically deducted from the referrer's next monthly renewal fee.

How to refer a friend:

After you complete the purchase of your monthly USB subscription, a "success" page will display a unique link, registered to your specific Gobbler Marketplace account.


Your friends will need to use this unique link to start the purchase process of their Monthly USB subscription.

The unique link will also be available at all time in your Order Management page:




Please note:

Referrer's subscription must be in "Good Standing" for a referral credit to be added to their account. If the subscription is in a 7-day Grace Period, because renewal fee payment did not go through, credit will not be issued to referrer when their friend purchase their subscription.

If a referrer cancel their subscription, the credit gets removed from their account. 

If a friend purchases a subscription, cancels it before the end of the first month and receives a refund, the credit that had been issued to the referrer will be deducted from their account.

Credit is issued only for a friend's first month subscription. If a friend cancels their subscription after the first month and reactivates it, or purchase a new one, at a later date, no credit will be added to the referrer's account. 

Click this link for detailed rules of the USB Referral Program.

Contact "" if you need clarification or have any questions about the USB referral program.


The Gobbler Team


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