Purchase a Monthly subscription with a referrers' link

If you received a referrer's link from a friend to purchase a USB subscription, your first month will be discounted by 25%.

Click the link or paste it in your browser's URL box to get to the first page of the purchase process:


Create a Gobbler Marketplace account, if you do not already have one. Provide your iLok account User ID, if you already have an iLok account. If you do not, Gobbler will create one for you. Here is an article with information on the Gobbler-created iLok accounts.


If you already have a Gobbler Marketplace account, click the "Already have an account?" link.

The next page will confirm that a 25% discount is applied to your purchase.


Enter your payment information and click the "Review Order" button to complete the order on the next page.


Click the "Purchase" button to complete the transaction. 

You will receive an e-mail from Gobbler to confirm your purchase.
This "Order Confirmation” e-mail will provide important information:
- Your Order number
- Your automatic Monthly renewal date (with specific time in PDT)
- Your unique Referrer link so send to friends. (Click on this USB Referral Program link to learn about earning credit to lower your monthly renewal cost.)





The Gobbler team


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