Gobbler's New Look!

To improve user experience, Gobbler's Marketplace platform has changed its look. Check it out here!

Through the new "Welcome" page users can access three main sections of their account with one click. 


- The My Orders tile takes you to your Order Management page. There you can cancel/pause or reactivate your susbcription(s).

- The My Installers tile takes you to your Installers page. There you can download the installer(s) of the most recent version of the Gobbler app as well as plug-ins for which you have licenses. 

- The My Payment Profile tile takes you to your Payment Method page. There you can change/update your payment information as well as retry a payment if your subscription's renewal payment as failed.


Through the new Main menu, in the upper right corner, you can access a few more sections of your account.


- The Home option takes you back to the "Welcome" page from wherever you are in your account.

- The My Profile option takes you, after you log in again, to your "Profile" page (where you can change your account's e-mail address, your password, unlink/link your iLok account...etc).

- The Payment Method option takes you to your Payment Method page (see description above).

- The Order Management option takes you to your Order Management page (see description above).

- The Order History option takes you to your Order History page (where the most recent payment dates of your subscription(s)are listed and a link to your payment statements is accessible).

- The Installers option takes you to your Installers page (see description above).

- The Help page takes you to our Knowledge Base (where you can access a variety of articles about the Gobbler platform and use the Search box for answers to your question(s) and issue(s). 


The Gobbler Team

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