Failure To Install The Gobbler App On Windows 7 - Update to Win 7 requested

If you run an up-to-date Win 7 SP1 on your PC and are asked to update your OS while installing the Gobbler app: This is a Microsoft-related issue.

A bug in early Windows Update causes it to not truly update Windows 7 all the way. It is impossible to update automatically from within Windows.

You will need to download and install the “Rollup Convenience Update for Windows 7” to resolve the problem.

Here is an article with information about the Rollup, as well as requirements for the update outlined under the "How to get this convenience rollup" section.

The “Rollup Convenience Update for Windows 7 can be downloaded here:

We would recommend you contact Microsoft about this issue if you want more information on this topic before installing the rollup.

If you do not want to download/install the Rollup Convenience Update and, as a result, can not install the Gobbler 2.0 app on your machine, you can still use your plug-ins.

Here are two articles in our Knowledge Base with sections on how to:

Install your plug-ins through your Gobbler Marketplace account

Activate your licenses through ILok License Manager



The Gobbler Team


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