Activate (Authorize) your licenses

Two options are available to activate your licenses:

If you are activating them in an iLok key, insert it in a computer connected to the internet. 


1) Using the Gobbler 2.0 app (recommended)  The app does not have to be running. Just installed.

  • Launch your DAW
  • Open any one of the plug-ins from the bundle to start the activation process
  • Choose the Activation Location (Some plug-in publishers allow computer or iLok key + iLok Cloud activation-only. Others, both)


2) Using your iLok License Manager (ILM)

Download the iLok License Manager here if it is not installed on your computer.

  • Launch your ILM
  • Right-click the bundle you want to activate and choose the Activate option.
  • Choose the Activation Location (Some plug-in publishers allow computer-activation only. Or computer + iLok key. Or iLok key only. Or iLok key and iLok Cloud activation.)
  • Confirm the activation

Use this link to confirm in which location(s) the licenses in your bundle can be activated in:  Licenses activation locations for your bundle.


Once your licenses are activated. launch your DAW and use your plug-ins.


Please note: There is no need for activation code(s) for licenses acquired through a subscription.
You will not receive any activation code, from Gobbler or from the plug-in publisher.
If you are asked for an activation code, during the activation process through the Gobbler app, when you open any one of your plug-ins, the most likely cause is that you are trying to activate your licenses in an iLok key that is not registered to the iLok account in which your licenses were deposited by Gobbler.



The Gobbler Team

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