Install your plug-ins

Two options are available:


1) Using the Gobbler 2.0 app (recommended)

  • Launch the app
  • Go to the Marketplace tab
  • Click the “Installers” link. Your plug-ins will be listed on this page.
  • Click the “Install All” button or or hover your cursor next to each plug-in to "Install" them one at a time.




2) Using your Gobbler Marketplace account

The installers of all the plug-ins for which you have a license through your Gobbler subscription(s) are available in the "Installers" page of your Gobbler Marketplace account. Three different options are available to get to that page:

1) Log in to your Gobbler Marketplace account here: Gobbler Marketplace account login

In the "Welcome" page, click the "View" button on the "My Installers" tile. 




 2)  In your Gobbler Marketplace Account click on "Installers" in the dropdown Main Menu, above your Gobbler Account e-mail address.



3) Log in to your "My Installers" page with your Gobbler account credentials.



The "Installers" page will display a list of links to the most recent version of any installers available to you.  They will be listed individually, for MAC and for  WIN (32 and 64bit if both versions are available).


The Gobbler Team

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