Why am I charged the old price for the New "Everything Bundle (Pro)"?

Slate Digital's "Everything Bundle (Pro)" is slightly different from the original "Everything Bundle" in that it no longer includes Relab's LX-480.

It has been replaced by Slate Digital's own VerbSuite Classics, which allows them to offer this new bundle at the lower price.

Because it is a different plan, there can not be an automatic transition from the original Everything Bundle to the new Everything Bundle (Pro) at renewal time.

If you prefer the new Everything Bundle, you should first pause your original Everything Bundle, so it does not renew and you are no longer charged for it.  

Then purchase a new Everything Bundle (Pro) on Slate Digital's website.

A new set of licenses will be deposited in your iLok account at purchase time and will need to be activated in your iLok 2 (or 3) key before you can use your plug-ins.



The Gobbler team

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