Month-to-Month Vs. Annual Billed Monthly subscription

Some of our plug-ins publisher partners offer 3 types of subscriptions to their Bundle:

1) Annual Paid Upfront (1-YEAR CONTRACT). 

2) Annual Billed Monthly (also a 1-YEAR CONTRACT).

3) Month-to-Month.


If you purchase the Annual Billed Monthly plan, you commit to 12 consecutive monthly installments for a 1 year subscription. This plan can NOT be paused until the 12th consecutive payment has been made.

There is an "Auto Renewal" box in the Order Management page that allows you to stop your subscription from automatically renewing at the end of the 12th month of your plan.  
Unchecking the "Auto Renewal" box does not allow you to pause your subscription during the 12 months-term.
If you uncheck the "Auto Renewal" box at any time during the 12 months, your subscription will be set to pause at the end of the 12 months, not at the end of the current month/billing period.

If you default on one of your monthly payments and do not bring your subscription in "Good Standing" within 30 days, your subscription will be considered in "Breach of Contract".

If this were to happen, you will no longer be allowed to sign up for a new "Annual Billed Monthly" subscription. You will only be able to purchase "Annual Paid Upfront" or "Month-to-Month" subscriptions.

Please contact your subscription's plug-in publisher Customer Support team if you have any questions about your account when it is in "Breach of Contract".


If you want to be able to stop and reactivate your subscription at any time, the Month-to-Month plan is the right choice for you. You can stop and restart your subscription at any time. 

A Month-to-Month subscription is based on a full billing period usage. If you start your Monthly subscription on 01/01/XX, it remains active, and the licenses remain activated and plugins working, until 02/01/XX.

Pausing your susbcription ensures that it will become inactivate at the end of the billing cycle and you will no longer be charged renewal fees, until you reactivate it. 

If you pause it at any time during the billing cycle of the example above, your subscription remains active (and licenses active and plugins working) until 02/01/XX, even if you do not use the licenses/plugins for the rest of the month. The "paused" period of time when you don't use your plugins is not saved and does not roll over to another month.


Thank you

The Gobbler Team

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