Accepted Payment Methods

Several payment options are available to purchase a subscription and pay renewal fees on the Gobbler Marketplace: Credit cards, PayPal, debit cards, prepaid cards and gift cards.

If using a credit card: Make sure to enter the correct combination of First Name/Last Name, credit card number, CVV and zipcode of your credit card’s billing address (which is sometimes different from your home address zipcode).

If using PayPal: Because subscriptions are considered a "Recurring Purchase", PayPal requires that your account be set up with a Secondary Funding Source. This is required even if your PayPal account balance is your Primary Funding Source and has sufficient funds at the time of purchase or of renewal payments.

The Secondary Funding Source has to be a credit card or a debit card. It can not be a bank account.

Gobbler's payment processor will reject any PayPal account not set up according to PayPal's requirement.

If using a Debit Card, Prepaid Card or a Gift Card: They do not always work. Before you enter it as the payment method in your Gobbler Marketplace account, we recommend you contact your debit card, prepaid card or gift card issuer or bank. Some do not allow these types of cards to be used for "Recurring Purchases" such as subscriptions.


All extraneous fees (i.e. licenses redeposit / shipping / reactivation penalty) are also paid through the payment method set in customer's Gobbler account. 


Wire transfers and ACH payments to a bank account are not available.


The Gobbler Team

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